FroYo 2022-2023 (6)


There are six (6) remaining FroYo dates for the 2022-2023 school year.

What is FroYo? FroYo, short for frozen yogurt, is served in individual recyclable cups to each student. This year we are offering two choices of flavour:

  1. Original froyo (frozen yogurt)
  2. Orange sorbet that is LACTOSE and DAIRY FREE

FroYo days are fun for the students, but it is also an important fundraiser for Home & School. The proceeds from our FroYo fundraiser benefit the Grade 6 Graduation Committee as well as many other Home & School initiatives.

FROYO DATES (all Thursdays)*

  • Jan 12
  • Feb 16
  • Mar 30
  • April 20
  • May 18
  • June 8

*Please note: we will unfortunately not be offering makeup dates in the event that your child is absent on any of the event dates

SPECIAL NOTE FOR ORDERING: For families with more than one child at Willingdon: You will need to add the product (FroYo) to your cart for each child. For each child: fill out the form with your child’s name, homeroom # and grade then add the product to your cart. You will then need to start the process again for the next child. Once all of the orders are in your cart you will be able to checkout one time to purchase all of them.

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