Pizza Lunch


Pizza lunch is back! Home & School is offering six (6) pizza lunch dates throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

What is served? Dominos cheese pizza slice(s) + pre-packaged dessert. You choose the number of slices of pizza your child will receive.

How is pizza lunch served? Pizza lunch is served by an army of lunch monitors and H&S volunteers directly to their classroom or in the cafeteria. All lunch monitors and volunteers wear masks and gloves to keep our kids as safe and healthy as possible.

Cheese Pizza prices:

  • 1 slice of pizza + dessert for $29/year (6 lunches)
  • 2 slices of pizza + dessert for $37/year (6 lunches)
  • 3 slices of pizza + dessert for $45/year (6 lunches)


  • Friday November 5th
  • Friday December 3rd
  • Friday February 4th
  • Friday April 1st
  • Friday May 6th
  • Friday June 3rd

*Please note: we will unfortunately not be offering makeup dates in the event that your child is absent on any of the event dates

For families with more than one child at Willingdon: You will need to add the product (pizza lunch) to your cart for each child. For each child: select the number of slices, fill out the form with your child’s name, homeroom # and grade then add the product to your cart. You will then need to start the process again for the next child. Once all of the orders are in your cart you will be able to checkout one time to purchase all of them.


Let us know if there anything we should know about your child – do they have any food allergies, etc.?

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