The H&S Executive is a committee of volunteer parents who are elected for a 2-year term to oversee numerous student activities and initiatives. We have several position openings for the 2022/2023-2023/2024 school years. Final elections will take place at the H&S Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June, for the following year. Candidates should ideally be available to attend the AGM, although not an absolute requirement.

Interested in joining Home & School? Keep reading!

The Executive meets in person about six times per year, and communicates often by email.

Join us at our next meeting Wednesday, March 9 to see what it’s all about!  

Available positions are:

  • Co-Chairs (or Chair and Vice-Chair if preferred) 
  • Treasurer
  • Co-Secretaries 
  • Communications Chairs 
  • Members at Large 
  • Family Support Fund Chair or co-chairs

FAQ and Fun Facts 

What is the Home & School Association? 

We are a group of Willingdon parents who work together to plan events and activities which enhance the children’s education and foster a sense of community, from Book Fair to the kindergarten holiday event to TSAW to Family Support Fund and lots more! 

What are the perks of being on the H&S Executive? 

It’s rewarding, it’s fun, and your work directly contributes to Willingdon’s community spirit. 

Can an Executive position be shared?

Absolutely! If you work well with another parent, feel free to let us know you are interested in sharing a position. 

How many volunteer hours do executives contribute? 

This depends on the position and what you make of it! Some roles only require that you attend each of the Home & School meetings (6-7 per school year), while others positions can require up to a few hours of time per week (could be more during critical campaigns, or fewer during quieter times). More details regarding the time commitment of each role can be found below.

How many events are the executives required to coordinate each year?

None! Having an Executive position is not necessarily tied to coordinating a particular H&S event. For every event that we hold, an event Coordinator is appointed. The Chairs and Executive members oversee all events at a distance and ensure the overall administration of the association.  

Questions? Email us for more info! We’re happy to speak with you individually by email or over the phone. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Executive Roles and Tasks


*Note: Roles can be divided between two parents 


Co-Chairs (or Chair and Vice-Chair)  

  • Appoint event coordinators and liaise with them to oversee all events;
  • Monitor parent inquiries, including management of the H&S email inbox;
  • Final decisions on events and activities;
  • Main contact with school administration;
  • Represent H&S school at the Governing Board meetings;
  • Co-chairs should be available for 10-12 hours each week for both remote and in-person involvement.



  • Manage the annual budget and prepare basic report on finances at each meeting;
  • Manage deposits and banking;
  • Approve expenses and issue reimbursement cheques;
  • Treasurer should be available to attend all meetings, to write checks 1-2 times per week, and to prepare monthly financial statements;
  • Experience in bookkeeping or accounting would be great for this role, but not required.



  • Take notes at H&S meetings and submit minutes in a timely manner;
  • Participate in email discussions and votes;
  • Secretaries should be available to attend all meetings (6-7 per year).


Communications Chairs 

  • Liaise with event coordinators and Chairs to produce event emails and weekly newsletters; Manage social media pages;
  • Update the website (WordPress);
  • Communications chairs should be available to prepare weekly newsletters and social meeting posts (1-2 hours per week) and to attend all meetings.


Membership Chair  

  • Compile Home and School membership data;
  • Provide annual documentation to the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations;
  • Membership chair should be available to attend all meetings (6-7 per year).


Member at Large  

  • Special projects as needed;
  • This is usually a returning member of the executive team;
  • Member at Large should be available to attend all meetings (6-7 per year).